Performance Test at Staps

Pushing the speed for human powered vehicles to its limits also means pushing your own performance to your limit. Therefore Ellen and Matthias visited the Staps Institute in Collogne testing their current fitness. The test consists of a 15 sec sprint and a 15 min ramp test. Like this the laktat formation rate and the maximum oxigen uptake is […]

New Fairing for Camera Bike

Hans just finished a new fairing for the our next bike. It will have a camera system therefore we need no window in the front. Beside this there are also bigger wheels in the bike. It is obvious that 26 inch wheels is the maximum size, which fits in. Once the faring is ready we will compare the “window bike” with the “camera bike” […]

2nd Teammeeting

29/12/2018 Dutch Bicycle Centre, Nijmegen After two months of work we got again together to discuss our progress and to specify short and long term goals. This time we met at the working place of Hans, where you can find everything a cyclist likes. Ralf had a lot of news about potential support. The growing […]

Team Meeting!

A whole day Hans, Ellen, Ralf and Matthias worked on the planning of the next season. They got supported by Edwin Poorte a specialist in aerodynamics and inventiv problem solving using TRIZ. Besides a lot of long-term aims we collected a to-do-list of things we need to do right now. If we want to reach our ambitious aim to build […]

Last test run on ATC test track

We had a last test run on the test track in Aldenhoven before going to the speed challenge near Battle Mountain in September. The weather conditions could be worse, but the wind speed was so high that we could go as fast as we wanted. Ellen is much more familar with the bike than Matthias so she tried first. From the […]

Second Part: Building new bike!

After getting a smooth white gelcoat layer in the mold, we started to laminate the fairing. Under the supervision of Hans, Ellen, Ralf and Matthias carefully prepared layer by layer of the new bike. The new fairing will be devided into a front and rear part and will have no window in the front. (Pictures are taken […]

Start building new bike

Monday, 27.03.2018: We (Hans and Matthias) start to build a new bike, which is of course faster than the old one. Therefore we prepared the negative mold for a new fairing. The outer shape will stay the same, but the new one will be a camera bike and have no window in the front. We […]

Small gift for Ellen & Hans

The two new Team members of the Human Power Team Ralf Golanowsky and Matthias König have handed over a small gift summarizing the success of both rides of the last season. The next summary will hopefully include the first results of the joint 1h-world-record Project.

First Test Ride for Matthias

25 Feb 2018: First test ride on 200m track in Amsterdam Sloten After a few minutes of struggeling with the large steering radius of the Velox XS Matthias managed to ride his first meters with the bike. At this stage Hans decided to leave the head cover at home due to speed issues on this really […]

First Bike Fitting for Matthias

Velox XS + Matthias The first bike fitting was successful at the Dutch bicycle Centre, Njimegen. Ellen and Matthias have almost the same body size. Only small changes needs to be done to adjust the Velox to his size. We are planing the first test ride in february/ march.   Pictures were taken by Ralf […]