First Test Ride for Matthias

25 Feb 2018: First test ride on 200m track in Amsterdam Sloten After a few minutes of struggeling with the large steering radius of the Velox XS Matthias managed to ride his first meters with the bike. At this stage Hans decided to leave the head cover at home due to speed issues on this really […]

First Bike Fitting for Matthias

Velox XS + Matthias The first bike fitting was successful at the Dutch bicycle Centre, Njimegen. Ellen and Matthias have almost the same body size. Only small changes needs to be done to adjust the Velox to his size. We are planing the first test ride in february/ march.   Pictures were taken by Ralf […]

Results of 13th September

Ready to Race! Bad weather made it impossible to make any runs. So there was enough time to socialise and share. Students of the schools nearby came to visit. It is always nice to meet and greet with such enthousiastic young people. Also is it a good moment to share your toughts with fellow competitors. […]

Ellens Story

Ellen smashed the six-hour world record.

This is her story.

The Dekra track is not next door which is why we spent most of Friday travelling to Klettwitz, not far from Dresden. On arrival at the track there was a riders meeting and the bike was inspected.

Persbericht, 11 juli 2015: Wereldrecord!

Ellen van Vugt is sneller dan alle mannen. Ze heeft het wereldrecord bij de vrouwen in de zes uur categorie verbeterd. In totaal legt ze 404,04 kilometer af, oftewel 67,3 km/h gemiddeld. Hierbij is ze als eerste de magische grens van 400Km doorbreekt. (ook bij de mannen!)

Battle Mountain – 2014

Wednesday morning we did fly out of Schiphol to Vancouver. We had to Check in the Velox and 3 pieces of heavy luggage, at the counter they had to look up what to do with the bike. But we didn’t have to pay extra.
Now it was 2 hours of waiting before the plane left. Then 10 hours of sitting in a completely booked plane. But I must say we had a really good flight. Next was the Custums in Cananda there was a long line and after 45 minutes that was done also.