Building the bike

Dez 2020:

We are also suffering from the corona pandamic, but finally we started to build the moulds for the new bike. Here some impressions…

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  1. You guys are at about the same point in the construction as I am with Primal 3. A lot of hours since March working with just Carole and I. When we built the Left half mold, I had a number of friends, professors and former students (and one students’ parent-who engineered al the electrical controls for the Red Bull Stratos project) help with the mold construction. Everyone wore respirators at all times while we were close, so we were being safe. Preparing to do the right side mold in the next few weeks. I have had nightmare problems that I will talk about on the Primal Speedbike Team Facebook page. Best of luck to you! Your bike is beautiful!

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