Cyclingworld in Düsseldorf

We toke the opportunity to present our bikes at Cyclingworld in Düsseldorf. Thanks to HPV Germany, who sponsored the stand at the fair. Together with velomobiles of the manufacture Räderwerk and the “Bentlage Brothers” advertising for “a race in the park” we presented the whole range of high class recumbent racing.

Additionally we toke the chance to give a talk about our achievements of last year and future plans. In an one hour presentation we gave an insight into high speed recumbent racing at the world human powered speed challenge in Battle Mountain, Nevada.  How does it feels like to ride a bike at 127kph? What needs to be done to improve the bike and riders performance? Is a professional project mangement necessary? All these questions were answered.

Besides this we had a lot of fruitful discussions for example about new tires with owner of wolfpack-tires.

Pictures were taken by Jörg Basler (BaslerBikes)


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