Last test run on ATC test track

We had a last test run on the test track in Aldenhoven before going to the speed challenge near Battle Mountain in September. The weather conditions could be worse, but the wind speed was so high that we could go as fast as we wanted. Ellen is much more familar with the bike than Matthias so she tried first. From the spectators view it looked not that difficult, but when Ellen stopped again and was talking about “sailing” instead of cycling, we knew that it is a challenge to hold the bike on the track today. Matthias was a little bit sceptical whether he also can do it. It was the last chance to ride the bike before the speed challenge so he decided to give it a try risking one week of work for reparing the bike, if he would crash it. Like Ellen he was not pushing too much just taking care that the bike stays on the track.

The good news are, that both can handle the bike even under bad conditions. The bad news are that Matthias could test the bike under race conditions. Anyway we are looking forward to the speed challenge.

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