Results of Speed Challenge in Battle Mountain 2018 Saturday 5 miles...

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We want to push the speed for human powered vehicles to its limits....

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Who are we? What are we aiming at? What did we achieve in the past?  ...

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About us

Welcome to the website of the Human Power Team. The Human Power Team is dedicated to improving the various human power records and is focused on the 200 meter flying start record (“the Battle Mountain record”) and the 1 hour standing start record, both for women and men.


F.V.B. Fabbenstedt

Troyka Innovation





Do you want to join us?

If you are looking to join in our effort to become the fastest cyclists in the world we welcome sponsor requests and volunteers!

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Latest news

Hans just finished a new fairing for the our next bike. It will have a...

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29/12/2018 Dutch Bicycle Centre, Nijmegen After two months of work we got...

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A whole day Hans, Ellen, Ralf and Matthias worked on the planning of the...

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