Fitting the bike. Part 2

After finding a good position for Ellen in the new bike, also Matthias tested how he can fit into the bike. Due to the fact, that the bike a about 10 cm longer than the old one, there were more or less no problems to find a good position. But one the other hand the bike is […]

Building a new bike 2.0

Hans is working on building up a completly new bike. Luckely he could convince Calvin Moes to design a new bike for us. Here you see the result of a lot of simulations Calvin has done for us. Clearly you can see the similarity to Eta. This bike is a bit smaler and should have even better aerodynamics.

World Championships in France

New World Champion in Fullyfaired Category! July 2019 Nandax France, in a really close fight with his pponent Richard Schaffenroth Matthias could win the WC-Titel in the category of the fullyfaired recumbents. The competition consist of four races: an uphill race (5km with average 5% slope) two sprint races 200m and 1000m and a 3h […]

A Race In The Park

Three of our Team participated at “a race in the park” the second biggest recumbent event in europe. Ellen and Matthias cycled in a velomobile (a fullyfaired three wheeler). Both of them won in their category the overall ranking. Ralf riding a partlyfaired recumbent ranked forth in the overall ranking. Besides our very succesful racing […]

Cyclingworld in Düsseldorf

We toke the opportunity to present our bikes at Cyclingworld in Düsseldorf. Thanks to HPV Germany, who sponsored the stand at the fair. Together with velomobiles of the manufacture Räderwerk and the “Bentlage Brothers” advertising for “a race in the park” we presented the whole range of high class recumbent racing. Additionally we toke the chance to […]

Windgate Test at Han Seneca

Nijmegen, Ellen and Matthias did another performance test at the Han Seneca Institute supervised by Vincent Bastiaans. This time their maximum output power were tested. The so called Windgate test consists of a 4 min warm up at 100 W and a 30 sec all out section. As you can see on the picture it is no fun […]