First half is ready

Hans and Ellen has finished the first half of the bike. The weight is about 5 kg and super stiff. The high stiffness is due to in total four layers of carbon and a core media. As shown on the pictures below, they worked with vacuum infusion during hardening.    

Finishing mold and building new fork

Ellen and Hans worked on our new bike. They could finish the mold for the outer shell. Beside this big step forward Hans also started to build the fork for the front wheel. As you can see not so easy to put all carbon layers in the right place.    

Building the bike

Dez 2020: We are also suffering from the corona pandamic, but finally we started to build the moulds for the new bike. Here some impressions…

Fitting the bike. Part 2

After finding a good position for Ellen in the new bike, also Matthias tested how he can fit into the bike. Due to the fact, that the bike a about 10 cm longer than the old one, there were more or less no problems to find a good position. But one the other hand the bike is […]

Building a new bike 2.0

Hans is working on building up a completly new bike. Luckely he could convince Calvin Moes to design a new bike for us. Here you see the result of a lot of simulations Calvin has done for us. Clearly you can see the similarity to Eta. This bike is a bit smaler and should have even better aerodynamics.